Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Room and Resource Request

For room reservations, communications and more.

Requesting Rooms and Promotions

We have an updated process for ministry and event requests. There are two online request forms, one for Facilities and one for Promotions. Please submit and receive approval on your facility request before completing a promotion request.

Please note, these are requests and we will do all we can to fulfill them. Download the Room and Resources Request Guidelines for more information about Facilities Requests

Facilities Requests

Use this form to request a room, the Mill Run fields, a collection box; or services such as the nursery, audio visual equipment or kitchen use. This is for UALC Ministries and other organizations.
Facilities Request →

Promotion and Print Requests

UALC Ministries use this form for Communications and Information Technology requests such as the website, online registration, and payments. This is for UALC Ministries only. Download the UALC Promotions Request Process flyer here. Also download the full list of UALC Platforms and Resources here.
Promotions Request →
Print Request →

After Submitting the Form

Facilities Requests—An email confirmation is sent from eSpace <> (our online scheduling tool) confirming your request. After it has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an approval email.

Promotion Requests—An email confirmation is sent from confirming your request. A staff member will contact you if further action is needed.
Print Requests—You will be contacted by a member of the Communications Team confirming your request.

For Further Assistance