Wednesday, August 04, 2021
Growth Workshops

Growth Workshops

For all ages and phases.

Workshops to Grow in Your Faith

Growth workshops propel us forward. Covering a wide range of topics, they meet us right where we need to mature and prepare us for what’s next in life. Families, individuals, and sometimes whole small groups participate in workshops from time to time to carve out space for phase-specific growth and faith conversations that may not happen otherwise. Contact: David White, Pastor of Spiritual Growth.

Upcoming Workshops:

Baptism Workshop

Offered online each second Sunday of the month
We offer the sacrament to members and non-members, children and adults alike. If you are parents of a young child, you'll first attend a Baptism Workshop (attendance is required for the first child only). Workshops are now offered online on the second Sunday of every month, 1:00-2:00 pm or by appointment. Parents will hear UALC’s strategy for partnering with families throughout all the phases from birth to college. Adults who've never been baptized but have put their faith in Jesus can contact one of our pastors to talk about being baptized. Find details and register here. Contact David White, 614-451-3736, ext 4691.

For Individuals or Small Groups:

New Member Workshop

UALC is a dynamic family always welcoming new people. Our New Member Growth Workshop is built for those who want to learn more about UALC, meet people, and join our community in following Jesus together. Led by our campus pastors and other staff, it’s the best way to get connected and understand how we are living out our mission to be and to make disciples of Jesus. The next workshop will be in the Fall 2021. Contact David White.

Caring for Your Marriage During Covid

The uncertainty and change in routine of these past months has stressed even the best relationships. This three-session workshop is designed to strengthen your most intimate human relationship. Discover biblical principles and foundational tools to improve the health and happiness of your life together. Registration is open to individuals and small groups. Register here. Contact Jeff Morlock.

Following Jesus After Isolation

Find your “new normal” with this two-session workshop that digs into what Jesus is leading you from and what He is leading you toward. We’ll discuss rhythms of life that keep God at the center as culture re-opens. Registration is open to individuals and small groups. Pastor David White will help pin down any logistics. Contact David White. There is no fee. Register here.

Finding God in Your  Workplace

Learn how your workplace can be a place to follow Jesus' call to love God, others and be part of His mission. Three sessions available for small groups or individuals, led by a facilitator. Contact Jeff Morlock. Register here.

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

As a believer, each person is an important part of the Body of Christ. God has blessed you with specific spiritual gifts to use in serving Him and others. This inspiring, four-session workshop will help you identify those gifts and how they work together with your personal style and passions. Serving God with your gifts can be life-changing and rewarding. Register as an individual or as a small group and have a facilitator join your typical schedule. $10 per person for materials. Contact David White. Register here.


Alpha is an 8-session workshop for anyone who wants to explore the meaning of life, contemplate Jesus for the first time, or enhance their faith. The video teaching and group discussions present the basic, universal elements of Christianity. The intent of Alpha is to answer the biggest questions of life by pointing people to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. This life changing experience will better equip you to deal with life in this chaotic world. You may also use the materials in your small group and have a facilitator join your typical schedule. Contact UALC Alpha or David White.

Following Jesus in the Second Half (of Life)

Explore God's call in your second half phase of life. Discover biblical resources that address the challenges and the opportunities. Contact Jeff Morlock.

Workshops for All Ages:

The Ten Commandments (6th-8th graders)

6th-8th graders and parents | 4 sessions 
Learn the meaning of each of the Ten Commandments and their value for life today. Contact: Kelsey Bacon

Confirmation Capstone (9th-12th graders)

9th-12th graders and parents (1st session with parents)
UALC celebrates this important season where students begin the adult life of following Jesus. Delve deeper into the foundations of the Christian faith and learn practical ways to be a daily follower of Jesus. Please attend at least one retreat or camp and one mission trip prior to Confirmation Capstone. Contact: Dan Kidd

First Communion (5th grade and older)

For elementary student and parents. Hear and learn how Jesus comes to us and gives us himself through communion and baptism. At the end of this workshop, kids have an opportunity to be baptized if needed, and encouraged to start taking communion regularly with our congregation. Contact: Andrea Taphorn

Can I Ask That? (9th-12th graders)

From the very beginning, faithful followers of God have embraced our curiosities. The Bible abounds with big, difficult, important questions. Part of being a Christian in a community of Christians is exploring—fearlessly and earnestly—how our faith makes particular claims on every part of our lives: heart, soul, mind, and strength. This course will address the question. and doubts our HSM students express. Contact: Dan Kidd

Family Serve

For small groups, individuals, and families with kids of all ages are welcome. Join us at the UALC Community Garden for a brief discussion on what Jesus has to say about putting our faith into action. Then we will work together in the garden that feeds people in our neighborhoods. Small groups can set up a time and date that works for you. Contact: Andrea Taphorn. 

Community | Care | Growth

A small group is a band of brothers and sisters in Christ where you can know and be known, love and be loved, care and be cared for, and grow in Christ together.  Find details and join a group.

We Care for Each Other

There are many ways to get the support, care and encouragement you need in illness, bereavement or difficult times. See a list of resources.
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We partner with parents to nurture each child's spiritual growth. Check out some opportunities.