Thursday, August 06, 2020
UALC Columbarium

The UALC Columbarium at Mill Run

Providing a structure for the interment of cremated ashes in a wall
of niches, surrounded by a peaceful meditation space.
Upper Arlington Lutheran Church has completed Phase One of the Columbarium at The Church at Mill Run. A Service of Dedication was Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, and included interment of ashes.
If you have further questions, or wish to talk about making a commitment, contact Bob Apel. Download a commitment form for purchasing a niche.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why have we built a columbarium?
A. First, many people have expressed a desire for interment in a church-managed space, and wish to have these issues resolved before the time of grief. Second, in a culture shift, cremation is becoming the option of choice. By 2015, it's expected to be chosen fifty percent of the time.

Q. How does it work for our church?
A. This ministry is required to be self-supporting. Funds from the sale of the niches pay for the construction, engraving, interment and perpetual care. The committee is providing education on this vision and soliciting commitments to purchase a niche.

Q. Who administers this commitment?
A. The Volunteer Coordinator, Bob Apel, is responsible for sale, interment, engraving, and perpetual care tasks. He reports to the Senior Pastor's office.

Q. How do I know this will remain a columbarium?
A. This is one of two sites at Mill Run that the church will not use for expansion. The form, floor plan, and use of that part of the building do not allow an addition. And, like every place of burial, this columbarium is subject to the laws of the State of Ohio. Legally, it qualifies and is protected as a cemetery, safe as any other cemetery.

Q. What is the cost?
A. There are two sizes. The small niche, approximately 8”x8”x12”, will hold two small urns of 6"x6"x6". This niche costs $1500. The large niche is a more standard size, approximately 12"x12"x12", accommodating two larger, more ornate urns. This niche is $3000.

Q. After a niche is purchased, what if there is a change of mind or circumstances, and we no longer wish to use the space?
A. You could do nothing and let it not be used ever. Or, it could be willed to someone in the family. Use and additional cost will depend on whether the front has already been engraved. Or, it could be sold to someone else subject to approval by the Columbarium committee, and considered on a case by case basis. By law, any niche or burial plot can only be sold for the purchase amount.

Q. How will niche location in the wall for each person be determined?
A. In the first phase, there are two rows of 2’x2’ stones, each stone containing either four large niches, or nine small ones. As each niche is sold, it will be located on a stone. This will allow family and friends to remain close. The filled stones will be located by lottery in the wall.

Q. What about flowers, additional engraving, or add-on metal pieces?
A. These expressions are either limited or excluded due to space. Space also precludes additional engraving, beyond name, birth and death year. Columbaria, by nature, are simple, unified expressions.
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