Saturday, May 30, 2020
High School Youth

High School Ministry

Growing faith, having fun and making friends.

We’ve designed our high school ministries around a student’s specific phase in life. We love high schoolers and we’d love to be a partner for your family in pursuing real-deal discipleship. Learn how we partner with families during each life phase, by downloading our age-specific phase plan for grades: Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth. We recommend many Bibles resources for students to grow in the faith—find the resources available for purchase here.

Join us with HSM (High School Ministry)!

We've got some crazy cool things planned all year long and you won't want to miss a thing! Scroll through our calendar for the school year or download a PDF. Contact: Dan Kidd.

What's Coming Up?

HSM Group Online Connection

Find ways to engage with the High School community here. Contact: Dan Kidd. 

Ongoing Programs and Workshops:

HSM (High School Ministry) Group – Connect and Grow
Join other teens from UALC and the community for a couple hours of hanging out, eating free food, getting to know each other and talking honestly about the ups and downs of high school life. During the school year, join us on Sundays at Mill Run, 4:00-6:00 pm. New students are welcome any week. Contact: Dan Kidd.

Sunday Morning Experience

We believe that when students reach the teen years, they will thrive by being a part of adult worship with their families. On top of worship, students are encouraged to grow their faith by serving in Kids' Church at Mill Run or Lytham Road. While not offered every Sunday, Growth Workshops are a part of the Sunday experience. Contact: Andrea Taphorn to volunteer for Kids' Church.

Sunday Morning Connect for Teens

Looking for a place to meet other teens from the church on Sunday mornings at Mill Run? Join us at MSM/HSM Connect. Sundays during the school year, 10:00-10:30 am, Mill Run room 2032.

Growth Workshops – Know and Grow Your Faith

Growth Workshops are the fundamentals of following Jesus designed around a child's developmental phase of life. They prepare parents and kids to grow and live in the Christian faith. Most workshops are for parents and kids to attend together. Parents will be encouraged and equipped as the primary former of faith to take it home and live it out with their children. Here are the workshops for high school families:
Following Jesus in High School (9th grade)
A Growth Workshop – 1 session, Summer 2020
Designed for incoming freshmen and their parents, this single session workshop facilitates great family discussions. We’ll prepare you to navigate life in high school and follow Jesus through opportunities and obstacles. Dan Kidd
"Can I Ask That?" (9th grade and older)
A Growth Workshop – 6 sessions
Do you have questions you'd like to ask about your faith? We'll work with the "Can I Ask That?" book to cover some common questions about marriage, sexuality and identity, the existence of pain and suffering, and what the Bible says about women. Asking honest questions and expressing doubts is part of exploring faith at a deeper level. Cost is $15 and includes the book; however if you already have the book, you can come for free. Dan Kidd.
Confirmation Capstone  (9th grade and older)
A Growth Workshop – 4 sessions and a retreat
Delve deeper into the foundations of the Christian faith and learn practical ways to be a daily follower of Jesus. Parents and students attend the first session together while the rest are for students only. Students can do Capstone anytime during 9th-12th grades. UALC celebrates this important season where students begin the adult life of following Jesus. Before beginning the Confirmation Capstone, please plan to attend at least one UALC retreat or camp and one UALC mission trip. We provide scholarships so no one has to miss out on these amazing experiences. Dan Kidd.
My Bible Intermediate (post-confirmation)
A Growth Workshop – 6 sessions, date being rescheduled
The Bible is amazing and rich but also a little overwhelming. This workshop will help you learn how to read and interpret it on your own. Take your next step in understanding how the Bible is organized, what it shows us about God, and how it can deepen your relationship with him. Invest in these six sessions and you’ll have some skills for following Jesus that will last you a lifetime! Students attend on their own. Dan Kidd.
Following Jesus After Graduation (12th grade)
A Growth Workshop – 2 sessions, dates being rescheduled
Join other high school graduates to talk and pray through the major changes ahead. Take some time to consider the big questions of life as you head into college or the work force. Dan Kidd.

HSM Mission Trips

Our mission trips make a difference in the world for the kingdom of God and also help young people discover the many ways that God can use them to make an impact on their world. Contact: Dan Kidd.

Tae Kwon Do

We work on developing self-defense skills and provide regular exercise in an environment that honors Jesus Christ. At Lytham Road. More information. Contact:  Angie Edmonds.

Consent and Waiver Form

All parents, or guardians, of children and youth must complete the Consent and Waiver Form to participate in UALC events and programs. Fill out the simple form online here.
Volunteer with Family, Youth & Children

Volunteer on a Team

Join a Family, Youth or Children’s Ministry team and be part of transforming lives. Many opportunities for any skill set, age or schedule. Apply here.
Mission Trip

What Do You Do?

We get together, play and learn; we get crazy and we get serious. We meet in small groups and big groups. We go places and do things for others and for ourselves.
The Gathering

Can I Come Anytime?

Of course! We really want to see you. And bring friends. If you've come before but it's been a while, not to worry. Just come back when you can.