Wednesday, July 18, 2018
What's on the calendar today?

UALC Calendar and Events

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View Events in the Format You Choose

Whether you want to see what's going on at a particular campus or want to know the activities that interest you wherever they are, the choice is yours with a few simple clicks.

In the upper right on the calendar is a drop-down menu. Click a category on the list, and the calendar will show events for just that category.

Busy? Want to Invite a Friend?

Let the calendar send you e-mail reminders or send invitations to friends. Click on the event you want to attend. There you'll find a space to fill in names and e-mail addresses.

Get Involved!

When you click on an event, you will get contact information, greater detail about the event and a locator map. Programs or events that happen offsite also have a map available.