Sunday, June 25, 2017
Sermon Series

Daring to Trust God

June 18-25, 2017

Regardless of your age, living in today’s world challenges your faith. Sometimes our situations don’t make sense, don’t fit with the goodness of God, or make us wonder if we are alone. Living as a follower of Jesus means we’re often going against the grain of our culture. Why should we put our confidence in God instead of ourselves? Can we take God at His word? Can we depend on Him even in hard times? Why is taking this risk worth it? Through this series, we will invest in building our trust in God and relying on the truth that we can trust God no matter what.

Daring to Trust No Matter What

Aaron Thompson, David White preaching
The key verse instructs us to trust in the Lord with everything and not on our own understanding. There are many things we could place our trust in throughout life: family, friends, leaders, money, appearance, popularity, acceptance, etc. None of these are flawless options. We see throughout the Bible that God is working to rescue us. He sent Jesus to make a way for us to be with Him forever. We submit to God and seek his desires for the future knowing that trusting him with all our hearts will mean not hedging our bets. Instead, we have a willingness to follow his lead and take the paths he calls us to walk.
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A Life of Trust

Pastor Dave Mann, Pastor Jeff Morlock, David White, Steve Bruns preaching
The life of Joseph reveals so many lessons about trusting God. Through the ups and downs of his life–great injustice, horrible circumstances, and eventually incredible opportunities–God worked something good for Joseph, his family and the countless people who benefited from Joseph’s leadership in Egypt. Lifting our eyes to the bigger narrative of God’s story, God preserved a remnant of Israel through which he kept his promise in Genesis 12.
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Genesis 50:15-26