Monday, November 30, 2020
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Weekly UALC Prayer Requests

We corporately lift up prayer requests each week. Join us as we come before our Father with petitions and praises. We welcome anyone to join our group who prays regularly for the needs of the church. You can sign up here and receive the weekly prayer request by email.

Weekly UALC Prayers (updated Nov. 25):

Hospitalized: Jan Brewer
Recovering at Home: Diana Connell, Joe Kenny
A portion of our members with ongoing health needs: Martha Bennett, Steven Blodgett, Margaret Bostwick, Louise Brauer, Lew Dulin, Wyman Haskins, Nancy Hess, Linda Paparodis
We offer Christian sympathy to: Terry Johnston at the death of his brother and to all families who have lost loves to COVID-19

Weekly Prayer Prompts

Sundays: PEACE: “Blessed are the Shalom-makers, for they shall be called the children of God. We confess that we have all sinned and fallen short of your glory, O God. We have broken the peace and wholeness of your good world. Forgive us, lead us, and restore us. Reform us into peacemakers instead of peace-breakers.”

Mondays: HUMILITY: “Soften our hearts to one another. Give us eyes to see our common humanity, each of us and all of us created in your image, and give us the gift of empathy, to care deeply about one another.”

Tuesdays: UNITY: “God of peace, we pray for de-polarized, non-defensive pursuit of truth, unity, and equality. We pray for well engaged minds. Set us free from the competing narratives of our culture wars that funnel us into opposing camps and make of us a house divided. Kindle in us a desire for your truth that is larger than our desire to have been right.”

JUSTICE  “Stir up the power of your Holy Spirit to create reconciliation and justice where we cannot. We are enmeshed in the sin and hurt and futility of a fallen world. But you, O God, have raised Jesus from the dead and poured out the Spirit of your new creation. Reconcile us to one another across the divides we alone cannot cross, in the justice and wholeness only you can create.”

Thursdays: LIFE  “Lord God Almighty, we lament the current distress of our nation and we ask for your intervention.  We implore you that every precious life would be protected – lives of minorities, lives of the unborn, lives of the hopeless, lives of the mentally ill, lives with deep roots in this land, lives who have recently arrived -- each and every precious life for whom You gave Your precious life.”

FAITH  Pray for faith instead of fear, that many would come to faith in Jesus and that we would all trust God more deeply during this time.

UALC's Prayers During the Fall Season

Download the Gospel and Politics prayer list for this fall season written by pastors and staff.

Online Prayer Requests

These requests have been submitted through our online prayer request form or through Becki Bork, our Director of Congregational Care. Please use these requests and praises as a help in your prayer time.
November 25
 Pray for Tim L.  That we may have just one more year together.
November 24
Diana C. recuperating at home.
November 22
Prayers for my lifelong friend, Diane, who is in the hospital with CoVid. She just lost her 94 yo dad to the virus a week ago.
November 17
Please protect Linda Paparodis, a vulnerable person with cancer, during this covid surge. Please keep her healthy and with her family. As well as manual Saridakis, who has cancer as well.

Please provide peace for Ed Sullivan and his family, Mary and David, as they are going through a hard time right now. 

In Jesus’ name we pray.
November 17
Prayer for son, John Ware (in CA) tested positive for Covid-19.
 November 17
Prayer for Ronni Valentino - healing and wisdom on next surgery for her ankle and foot.
November 13
Please pray for God's will and purpose for my marriage. Pray that together, Tim and I will place God first and ask Him to show us the way forward.
November 12
My brother, Raymond, signed himself out of the hospital. He is at home. Had several bags of antibiotics while in the hospital. Is tired. I hope he totally recovers. Continue to pray for his complete recovery and he not fall. Has balance issues( since a stroke about 4 months ago). Pray also for more recovery from the stroke. One arm and leg had some damage. And his roommate is waiting for results from his COVID test. Pray they can safely live together. Thank you for your prayers. I believe he is on the mend. God is good! 
November 11
Please remember the Gierman family in prayer. We were told yesterday afternoon that Ron B., my first wife Jennifer's father, and Grandfather too Laura S., isabelle, Morgan II, Eleanor, Benjamen, Ruby, and Josiah. Passed away. He had C-19 and was in failing health. for another reason as well. 
 November 10
Ben, my son 
1) Wandering from God
2) Healing of infection & chronic pain (R) hand
3) Able to find a pain clinic doctor
November 10
Sam S. - Health (cancer journey)
 November 10
I have a client, named Andrew, that has asked for prayer for cancer that was diagnosed in his bloodstream. I would also, encourage prayers for his acceptance of Christ as well. 
Thank you.
November 8
Please pray for a friend, Erin, who is pregnant and also just tested positive for COVID-19. She is having severe symptoms currently.
November 7
Please pray for my sister Diana C.l who is scheduled for surgery today for a broken pelvis @ aprox 10am @ OSU medical center.
November 2
A wonderful Lady is suffering from stage four cancer at OSU hospital. I’m not aware of her spiritual beliefs.
 October 28
Please pray for my parents neighbor who is going thru non Covid related heart surgery.
October 28
Please pray that God uses a catastrophe to drive the country to repentance so that reconciliation can take place.
 October 27
Player for wisdom-my children and the life decisions they will make.
October 27
For Jeff, the husband of a friend of mine in ICU with CoVid. He is currently on a vent with pneumonia. He needs to be healed so he can come home to his wife & 3 kids. Before he was put on the vent, he asked for prayers & is a man of faith.
 October 24 
A dear lady by the name of Robin has had to quit her thirty year job because of extensive anxiety. Please pray that she finds comfort as she looks to make a career change and survive financially. She is a Christian. Thank you.
October 20
Continue to pray for my coworker who has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She has a long road ahead. 
October 14
Addiction anxiety  David
October 11
Upcoming Oncology Appointment on Tuesday morning. Surgery scheduled for October 29th to remove stage 1 tumor. Mary M.
October 9
Dear God,
Please heal my moms (Linda P) body from cancer and keep her safe from the coronavirus.
October 6
Please pray for Brian V. He has been in hospital 10 months now, "NOT Covid."
Thank you again for the service. Thank you also for projecting the words. 
God does finish some things - I think when he died on the cross. His last couple of words were, I am finished. Amen
October 4
Dear God,
Thank you for your blessings. Please heal the earthly bodies of Linda P. and Manual S. Keep them close in their difficult journey.
October 3
Please pray for Zachary M.  and his family. Pray blessings be poured out!!! 
October 1
Prayers for Howard Z.  He will have surgery at Riverside Hospital Monday, October 5 for removal of 2 kidney stones.
September 30
Prayers for the West family at the death of Miranda’s Dad; Sam and Lindsay’s Grandad.
September 30
Please pray for Kelly. She is having health issues.
September 29
Pray for teachers as we struggle to teach during Covid.
September 29
Please pray for the Sky Family a Revival and Praise Band from Prince Edward Island as they travel with a message of Revival and Praise to the Columbus Statehouse this Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m. They participated in the Washington D.C. Global Day of Prayer and Repentance and then did a service at a church in Bowling Green, Ohio. They need prayer for protection, their message, safe travels and that their RV would not need further repairs.. Currently, it is in repair and they are heading into Columbus in the dark - Pray for safety. Thank you!
September 23
 The son-in-law of Walt, a friend and a once-co-worker, passed away last night very unexpectedly. The family is hurting. Please let Walt's family, and especially his daughter Crissy, know that God is there for comfort and care.
September 22
Mark's mom is having ICU requiring issues; not enough O2, sepsis, problems speaking.
Mark's mystery chronic back pain still here.
September 22
Pray for those in authority over us, that God gives us Godly leaders at local, state & national government. Pray we have life, liberty & holyness.
September 20
Please pray for Tommy S. undergoing treatment and surgery for bone marrow cancer.
September 16
Thank you for continuing to pray for my Mom, Ginny D. battling lymphoma and bladder cancer. Please pray for her to feel and know Jesus love.
September 15
Member Linda M. scheduled for shoulder surgery on September 22.
September 15
Praises that my Uncle Terry is home now from the hospital. He is receiving at-home therapy as he recovers from COVID. He is improving each day, but has a long way to go. Thank you for your prayers.
September 12
God, please protect and bless the homeless during a scary time and provide them with help. Blanket them in love and protection.
September 9
A friend’s son is in the hospital with Covid. Please pray for him as well as his wife who has some heart issues. They have one young child.
September 8
Please provide a safe place for my son, Nick, to live that he can afford.
September 8
Pray for Ross Jewell who needs surgery, pancreas blockage, mesh.
September 6
God, please bless those going through a hard time, please let them receive the peace of your love and send helpers to them. Please bless and protect Linda Paparodis during the pandemic as an immunocompromised person. As well as Manual S. , with a new cancer diagnosis. Please send love and light to these two are their families. Please allow more followers to open themselves to your love and light so we can better support each other. Amen
September 6
God, please bless those going through a hard time, please let them receive the peace of your love and send helpers to them. Please bless and protect Linda P. during the pandemic as an immune-compromised person. As well as Manual S. with a new cancer diagnosis. Please send love and light to these two and their families. Please allow more followers to open themselves to your love and light so we can better support each other. Amen
September 6
I pray for a new heaven and a new Earth--sooner, rather than later.
September 6
My husband and I became parents through adoption again on Friday evening and our little girl is in the special care nursery. I would like to ask for prayers for her and her birth mom for healing emotionally and physically.
September 1:
Mom has her 2nd bladder cancer surgery 9/1. She is also battling non hodgkin's lymphoma, severe anemia. Thank you for praying for her! Pray also that both Mom and Dad feel God's love and mercy.
August 30:
For John K. He was in a tragic bike accident over a year ago and damaged his spine. He is a fighter but still, his recovery is slow. He had a recent set-back that has been extremely difficult and discouraging to him. His family remains positive but are exhausted and drained.
August 30:
My Uncle Terry has been taken to the ER in Lancaster. He has COVID and has been having some breathing problems. Both my uncle and aunt have been sick for 2 weeks.
August 30:
Please Pray for our daughter Jasmine, she is making some bad decisions in life.
August 30:
Prayers to Ms. Murphy, in hospital battling covid and having a hard time breathing. Please bless and heal her daughter Linda Paparodis. Please help her granddaughter Elizabeth find peace .
August 26:
Praise for Teresa who is recovering from Covid. Off vent, out of ICU and starting rehab.
August 26:
Please pray for the Miller family after the loss of their father one year after the loss of their sister.
August 26:
Please pray for Vivian, Susie, and Angie who have come in to contact with covid-19 . Please heal their earthly bodies Lord. Bless them and keep them close to you.
August 26:
Just talked with Dad Don, the hospital, Our Brother Mark and the nurses...and Galen is getting ready to talk to Dad Don's Doctor. His heart rate is at a low 38 right now. And we are concerned, trying to get his meds changed or figured out. Too low! Please pray this goes to normal soon with pure wisdom and insight for the doctors. Also, they did a precautionary covid test on him. Please pray that comes back negative. Thank you for stopping to pray and praying continually for this to be resolved peacefully and powerfully in Jesus and to God's greatest glory! 
August 20:
Please prayer for Elizabeth Paparodis having a hard time with being a nurse.
August 20:
Please pray everyone boldly for 2 loved ones:
Galen's Dad who is in the hospital today. We had a feeling to get him to the doctor as he didn't feel like himself. Heart was racing. He is in ICU in Manhattan and is stable and we are believing for a happy report later today. Please pray for that great report and God's glory that nothing serious is wrong with his heart.
Also, a Friend of our church is requesting emergency prayer: Sheri Price is asking for a prayer chain for her husband Paul Price.  He was involved in an ATV accident. No details, but 911 called. Please pray for miraculous healing assurance and for all to turn out to God's glory and victory over this Precious Family! Thank you!
August 19:
Please keep praying for my Lovely wife Lori. Since you've been praying for her, the bone cancer has disappeared! The Dr.s are amazed! She still has some spots in her brain. Please continue to help so she may have a healing miracle for the highest & best good & be happy & healthy & cancer free. Thank you sooo much and God bless you for all you do!

 August 18:
Pray for your servant, Bill G., as he reenters chemo for multiple myloma and pray for his wife, Nancy as she care takes for him. Praise God for keeping him with us these past 5 yrs.
August 18:
Please ask the Lord to heal my grandson, Ethan. He is here visiting from Colorado. He is tormented by his psychosis and anger. I'm begging for his healing and the wisdom for the professionals who are making decisions for his therapy, I ask that he would be able to improve so he will not have to be placed in residential care. Lord, please protect me and all our family from injury. Praise for his dad, who is taking his medicine regularly now, but suffering from seeing his son. Nick is also trying to get approval for an apartment.
August 17:
My neighbors' daughter Cassandra is in the ICU at Johns Hopkins with a serious liver issue. She is on the transplant list. She can't have visitors and will be moved out to the floor when a space is available. She is scared. Het parents are in Arizona and will fly to Baltimore at the end of the month. Please pray for her, her husband and parents.
August 17:
Linda Paparodis, going through treatment for stage 4 cancer,  Also, Manual, new diagnosis of cancer
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