Saturday, May 30, 2020

UALC Church Council 

Spring Congregational Meeting - May 31

Our Congregational Meeting has been rescheduled to a virtual meeting on Sunday, May 31, at 12:00 pm. We'll be voting on the following nominations for Church Council: David Jakes, Erin Sutter, Jen Geistfeld, and Bill Rowland; for Nominating Committee: Kendra Chandler and Karen Rogers. Read below for details about the nominees and the meeting agenda. Read the Policies and Procedures for the meeting here. Read and download the Congregational Meeting presentation here.

Church Council and Nominating Committee Nominees — 2020

David Jakes — Council Vice-Chair, Three-Year Term

Spouse: Corie
Children: Peter (and wife Lindsey), (24) Rachel (21)
Years Attending UALC: 19
Community: Mill Run
My Prayer for UALC: My prayer for UALC is that we continue to follow God's lead, which I believe will allow UALC to be fruitful in its mission To Be and to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.  With God all things are possible.
I’d like you to know this about me: I have been involved in a number of ministries at UALC including ushering, being an assistant teacher in the ESL classes, leading Crown Financial classes, working with Corie on the Marriage Ministry, being a member of the Mill Run Sunday School class and helping with AWANA. I am looking forward to this opportunity to give back to UALC and our larger community.

Jennifer Geistfeld (Jen) — Council Member, Three-Year Term

Spouse: Andy Geistfeld
Children: Claire (14), Christian (12), and Joshua (10)
Years Attending UALC: 22 years
Community: Mill Run
My Prayer for UALC: I pray that in these strange times, we continue to grow and strengthen our relationship with each other. That we remain committed to reaching out beyond the Oasis into the desert. That we remain faithful to the Word of God.
I’d like you to know this about me: I have a heart for missions.

Bill Rowland — Council Member, Three-Year Term

Spouse: Jill Rowland
Children: Sophie, (12)
Years Attending UALC: 20 years
Community: Lytham Road
My Prayer for UALC: That UALC would continue to grow in strength as a community, that it would always be a place where all people feel welcome and loved as Christ desires, that it would continue its commitment to evangelism and service, and that it would continue to teach the truth as set forth in the Bible.  
I’d like you to know this about me: I work as an attorney for the Ohio General Assembly, but I am interested in many different things such as history, sports, and science. At UALC, I have have served on the National Missions Committee for the past six years. I've never considered myself a "great" Christian who has done great things. But, I've learned that God loves the little things we do in His name each day, and I try to be mindful of that.

Erin Sutter — Council Member, Three-Year Term

Spouse or children: None
Years Attending UALC: 18 years  
Community: Mill Run 
My Prayer for UALC: That as a church and as individuals, God would draw us ever nearer to Himself, transforming us and shaping us to be more and more like Him. That God would give us hearts to sense the movement of His Spirit and wisdom to know how to join that work. And that through God’s work in our lives, others would be drawn to Him (Ephesians 3:14-21). 
I’d like you to know this about me: While at UALC, I’ve participated in several Bible studies and served with Young Kids VBS, Operation Christmas Child, and on the usher team. I've also had the opportunity to serve with several other ministries at UALC in a more short-term capacity. I like to travel, play board games, read, and spend time with family and friends.

Kendra Chandler — Nominating Committee, Two-Year Term

Spouse: Brian Chandler
Children: Luke (14), Ella (12), Molly (10), John (7) & David (4)
Years Attending UALC: 18
Community: Mill Run
My Prayer for UALC: My prayer for UALC is that we are experiencing life together as a family of believers, and we "rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn" Romans 12:15. At the same time, that we are constantly prayerful and seeking Holy Spirit guidance to "go and make disciples" Matthew 28:19.
I’d like you to know this about me: I love staying after church and chatting with people (although some weeks it goes on longer than my husband and kids would like!). When we are all able to meet together in person again, please stop me and say hi; I will be especially excited to chat after being away for so long.

Karen Rogers — Nominating Committee, Two-Year Term

Spouse: Rick
Children: seven adult children, three in-laws, one grandchild
Years Attending UALC: 20
Community: Mill Run
My Prayer for UALC: I pray that we would live in a loving, unified community, exercising our gifts to build up each other’s faith in, and obedience to the Lord Jesus.
I’d like you to know this about me: Rick and I have served with CRU for almost 19 years, and it is our joy to help people meet Jesus personally and live life with Him. I love my role of coaching new staff and I also enjoy editing, and baking.

Congregational Meeting Agenda — May 31

  • Opening Prayer — J.D. Wylie
  • Call to Order and Instructions — John Ness
  • Council Chair’s Report — John Ness
  • Nominating Committee — Steve Bruns
  • Financial Report — David Bowersox
  • Senior Pastor’s Report — Pastor Steve Turnbull
  • Questions & Answers — John Ness
  • Closing Prayer — Steve Bruns

Current Council Officers and Members:

The following are the current officers and members of our church council and the end of their three year term (if applicable)
  • John Ness, Chair (term ends in 2021)
  • J.D. Wylie, Vice Chair (term ends in 2022)
  • Steve Bruns, Past Chair (term ends in 2020)
  • Amy Adams (term ends in 2021)
  • Phil Heveron (term ends in 2022)
  • Craig Lindberg (term ends in 2021)
  • Robin Lorms (term ends in 2022)
  • Barbara Masten (term ends in 2022)
  • Lee Miller (term ends in 2020)
  • Paul Nordman (term ends in 2021)
  • Gene Pierce (term ends in 2020)
  • Karen Rogers (term ends in 2020)
  • Steve Turnbull, Senior Pastor
  • Dave Bowersox, Treasurer
  • Lee Anne Otto, Secretary 
Council year runs from July 1 through June 30 each year. 
Both meetings are open to the congregation. Council Prayer is on the first Tuesday of the month at Lytham Road. The Council Business meeting is on the third Tuesday of the month at Mill Run. 
For questions, email Council.